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The incredible power of CRM and Marketing Automation coupled with the experience of Power Marketing mean you sell more homes.
Keep your leads secure throughout the sales process, and convert more prospects into homebuyers!





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The incredible power of Easy LeadLocker will capture, nurture, engage and help you convert more leads into sales. In today’s digital world, prospects visit your website and sneak quietly away without you capturing them.

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Every Account Features:
5,000 Emails Per Month One Downloadable Lead Magnet From ELL Library**
Up To 5,000 Contacts (Basic Package) Custom Company Dashboard
One User (Additional Users $39/mo) Creation of Web Form/Sign Up
30-minute Training Session Connect Website Contact Page To Easy Leadlocker Database
CRM Email Management System Online Reporting Package
Capture Leads From Your WordPress Website* SMS Texting Available (Purchase Credits Required)
Email Nurture & Follow-Up Campaigns 24-month Agreement
 Video Tutorial Library 2 Landing Page Forms With Auto Thank You
 FREE Newsletter for your customers every month All-In-One Contact Screen
 Easy Contact Filtering Search Function
 Powerful ClientTouch Operations To-Dos and Reminders
 Calendar Mobile Friendly
Additional Available Options:
5,000 additional emails/mo. $20/mo
Basic Lead Import (from Excel) $125
Custom Design e-blasts-to-lead list*
Single Email $330
3-Piece Email (nurture, educational, etc) $550
5-Piece Email (nurture, educational, etc) $650
Landing Pages/Conversion Pages $440
Lead magnet Creation & Design $550
Additional Web Forms $250

…I don’t believe we could have done it without them.

Implementing Infusionsoft was one of the best decisions we’ve made related to marketing and our sales process. Marketing automation within the program has allowed us to concisely and consistently deliver our message to prospective clients, with very little effort by our sales team. They now have more time for follow-up and to focus on their best sales leads. Our emails are delivered at a higher rate than before, opened more often and we have increased interaction through them. We’ve even seen more people signing up for our on-site events, which we credit Infusionsoft. The folks at PowerMarketing were integral in the setup, deployment and ongoing consultation. In fact, I don’t believe we could have done it without them.

Joshua Beasley

Honest Abe Log Homes, Inc.

… one of the most valuable tools we could have for our sales teams!

Easy LeadLocker has already proven to be one of the most valuable tools we could have for our sales teams. By streamlining communication between our marketing and sales departments,  as well as giving our staff the insight to build data-driven, educated marketing campaigns – we are ecstatic to see how this CRM will continue to enhance our customer life cycle. 

In addition to the program itself, Power Marketing’s team has provided superb support and consultation services to ensure they understand our business thoroughly, and develop a kickoff program that gets us the most out of our Easy LeadLocker package. 

With the ability to visualize in-depth strategies and create complex marketing automations, all of which are custom tailored to our company, sales process and buyer-personas – we are confident that Easy LeadLocker is going to make 2016 a record year for customer growth and our lead-to-win conversion!

Jessica Knipe-Semler

Graphic Design Manager

PSI Group