August Special Offer –

Four months left to reach your sales goals.  Make the second half of 2015 the best half!

Don’t let missed opportunities and lack of follow up stop you from meeting your sales goals.

Order your Easy LeadLocker New Home Sales Conversion System during September and watch your traffic, appointments and sales climb through the roof!

Why you need Easy Leadlocker:

It’s September – the “dog days” of summer – and getting people to come into your sales center is like trying to get a child to eat vegetables – no easy task.

What’s more, you’ve got sales quotas to hit – and the year is 2/3rds over! You’ve gotta do something to “shake the tree” and get your sales back on track before the year gets away from you.

And to do that you need:
   – More onsite traffic
   – More appointments and showings
   – More interest from new and existing prospects

That’s just what Easy LeadLocker is designed to deliver. Using the powerful Infusionsoft marketing automation delivery system, Easy LeadLocker will capture, engage and nurture more of your valuable leads and convert them into onsite buyers.

 Here’s what Easy LeadLocker will do you for:

1.  Capture more leads from your online marketing
Special offers or “Lead Magnets”, such as plan collections or white papers of specific interest to you buyers can increase lead capture by 300%, allowing you to continue marketing to prospects showing immediate interest in your homes.

2.  Build interest, trust and rapport
The better you can connect with a prospect, the more likely they are to buy from you. Easy LeadLocker includes automated follow-up campaigns, written by industry insiders and specifically designed to build trust and motivate prospects to take action and contact you.

3. Reengage dormant leads
How many ‘dead’ leads are you carrying in your current database? Hundreds? Thousands? They’re too old (and too many) to cold call, but you know that there are some who just need a nudge to get back into buying mode. Our system will reach out and resurrect any leads that still have a hope of buying. This feature alone is worth the entire investment in the system!

4.  Encourage referral sales
Does your company have a strong Customer Appreciation program? If not, we’ll launch one for you! This is bar none the best source of referral sales available to you, and it costs next to nothing to maintain!

 September Bonuses – Buy now and receive…

Easy LeadLocker typically has a hefty start-up fee attached – around $4000 to get everything set up. That includes two  complete and professionally written  nurture campaigns, created and launched.

For the remainder of September only, we’re offering our automated marketing system with double the turn-key campaigns – a total of four (4) done-for-you, custom-written email campaigns branded for your company – with $0 down… for just $899/mo. for 6 months. After that, you can continue to use and expand the system for the standard rate of $399 per month.*

 You get:

4 Turn-key, done-for-you, ready to launch Nurture Campaigns

  • (1) Lead Magnet – Article custom written for you, plus 7 emails, then switch to Contact Us campaign
  • (1) Re-engagement for dormant lead  (10 emails over 3 weeks; then 1per month)
  • (1) Contact Us campaign – general interest    (36 emails over 26 weeks)
  • (1) Customer Appreciation Campaign – get more referral sales
  • Upload your current contact info into our marketing database
  • Web forms for promotions (for your webmaster to place on your site)
  • Instant notification of prospect actions (web forms submitted; request for contact)
  • Reporting Dashboard
    • Web forms submitted
    • Recent Activity
      • Emails Opened
      • Links Clicked

All this for just $899/mo. for 6 months, then $499 per month*. 

On October 1, 2015 this offer will by history and your cost to get our marketing system will go back to $4000 setup fee and $499/month… for two campaigns (each addition campaign, like the additional two included in this offer,  is between $999-$1499.)

* $499 is our normal price for Easy LeadLocker Power edition, includes 4 users, 5000 contacts.


Act now to take advantage of this special offer.  Order your Easy LeadLocker system today, and let’s get your sales back on track!

Call Scott Stroud at 240.420.6343 or submit the form below to get started!