Organize your time. Streamline your sales pipeline. Automate tasks and appointments so that every prospect gets the attention they need to move forward – and no lead ever falls through the cracks.

With packages as low as $189 per month, Easy LeadLocker will let you spend less time qualifying  leads – and more time with qualified buyers.

Marketing Automation Sales Prospects

  Easy LeadLocker—Marketing Automation Software

This amazing software not only ensures proactive interaction with your valuable sales leads, it also:

  • Leverages powerful software
  • Socially engages your audience where they are comfortable—online—generating curiosity and interest in your product.
  • Easily captures precious information that your leads willingly provide, evolving the relationship naturally.
  • Produce analytics detailing lead interaction and level of interest.
  • Creates customized campaigns tailored to each stage in the homebuyer’s sales cycle.
  • Conveniently segments your leads based on demographics, interactive choices and behaviors.
  • Automatically sends communications to your leads, engaging them not only with your product but also with the relationship building process.
  • Discovers your “hottest” leads, prospects that are qualified and eager to purchase your product or service.
  • Establishes your brand as the authority in your particular industry.

marketing-automationOrganize your day.

Keep your prospects, tasks and appointments in one place and easily visible from your computer, smart phone or tablet. Get alerts when your prospects take an action or show activity online—never missing an opportunity to follow up at precisely the right time. Even automate recurring tasks – or delegate them to your team!

conversionsAll sales and marketing data – easily found in one place.

The entire prospect history, including emails, actions, notes, tasks and appointments are kept in one easy to access location.  Your team will always have the information they need to close the sale right at their fingertips, and sales managers will be able to see what sales are coming and how to facilitate the close.

leads-goWhere’s my next home buyer coming from?

With Easy LeadLocker’s sales pipeline management tool, you’ll always see your most promising home buying leads displayed right on your dashboard,  all organized for you according to where they are in the sales process –  saving you time and keeping you focused on those prospects that most deserve your time and attention.

qualified-leadsReporting that makes sense.

The most useful reports are those that tell you where you are, where you’re going, and what you need quickly and easily. Easy LeadLocker automatically generates your most relevant home buying prospects.


The one CRM software your sales team will use – and the only one they’ll ever need!

  • Cloud based – access from any connected device
  • All-in-one CRM and Marketing Automation
  • Integrated email for campaigns, broadcasts and auto responders
  • Create web forms and landing pages instantly
  • Capture and nurture more leads
  • Keep track of every lead through the entire marketing and sales process
  • Automate key actions, tasks and communications
  • Instantly review reports
  • Easy to use – Yes, your sales team will use it and love it!


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