Increase Your Prospect-To-Sales Conversions By Up To 100%, 200%, Even 300% Affordably, Quickly And Effortlessly With Easy LeadLocker! 

With packages as low as $149 per month, Easy LeadLocker will take your valuable home buying prospects and guide them naturally through the sales process.


Marketing Automation Conversions

Increase your lead-to-sales conversions by up to 300% quickly, easily and affordably with our Marketing Automation service!

You understand the need to generate home buying leads for your business.  You set aside a marketing budget to promote your homes.  You trust your sales team, confident your advertising efforts will produce prospects to be converted into satisfied customers. On paper, your methodology is sound, but why aren’t these leads becoming sales?

Marketing Automation Sales Prospects

Easy LeadLocker—Marketing Automation To Lock Up Your Sales Prospects.

This amazing package not only ensures proactive interaction with your valuable sales leads, it also:

  • Leverages powerful software
  • Socially engages your audience where they are comfortable—online—generating curiosity and interest in your product.
  • Easily captures precious information that your leads willingly provide, evolving the relationship naturally.
  • Produce analytics detailing lead interaction and level of interest.
  • Creates customized campaigns tailored to each stage in the homebuyer’s sales cycle.
  • Conveniently segments your leads based on demographics, interactive choices and behaviors.
  • Automatically sends communications to your leads, engaging them not only with your product but also with the relationship building process.
  • Discovers your “hottest” leads, prospects that are qualified and eager to purchase your product or service.
Marketing Automation Qualified Leads

Is Your Problem Attracting Qualified Home Buyers, Or Keeping Them Engaged Through The Sales Cycle?

Productive marketing involves a complex series of strategies, all working in tandem to increase exposure for your homebuilding company.  You’re confident that your marketing practices are thorough, yet you can’t understand why these well-sourced leads continually fritter away.

Marketing Automation Nurture Leads

Where do my leads go?

If your response included any variation of “I don’t know”, rest assured, you’re not alone!

The failure to properly engage and nurture your prospects through the sales funnel is occurring with your competitors as well.  But imagine if you could easily, quickly, affordably, and, best of all, automatically transform your leads into sales.